Photos: Matric Farewell – Ashley, Jordan, Sasha and date + Debs and Dave with the

Our day was pretty relaxed and Steve took the kids to a party for Jessica’s best friend from school, Jade. They dressed up as princesses and pirates and had an absolute ball. I went to watch Ashley and Sasha get dressed and made up for their matric farewell, it was so special and brought back lots of memories for everyone…..

Ash and Sasha looked so beautiful and I think they were very excited about the night ahead. We are all waiting to see how the night went, Dave is fetching them on Sunday morning from the after party (11am)!!!!

We then went and had a fabulous dinner with Rohan, Aline and some friends of theirs’ – Craig and Phillipa. Aline cooked up a storm as usual and it was fabulous and the company was great.