Photo: Jessica

Steven reminded me of Jessica’s latest little quote, when we went out on Saturday night and came home, she stirred and new that we were back, she kissed Steven and said to him: “my eyes feel too heavy to open Dad”. she says it like it is!

Today was Elliots turn to quote, it was a rather hairy morning, I battled to open those heavy eyes and once i got the kids into the car with Steven, I went back for another hours sleep. Lucky me! But it did mean no exercise today, so not such a great idea to have too much wine!
Between Elliot movers, the estate agent, Steven’s cousin Mandy and Betty having an interview with Angela the morning was a rush of activity. We then met with one of the schools specialists who has been assessing Steven and she confirmed everything that we are aware of that Sean is going through. It is interesting to hear it from a different perspective and know what we need to do to make him more confident, improve his self esteem and teach him to be assertive. We love him so much and all you want to do with the little mites is bubble wrap them and keep them safe forever. Ok ok time to cut those apron strings!!

The rest of the day also rushed by in a rush of activity, with me almost missing the homeopathic appointment for Sean. But we managed to get there and sort out his medication and then rush off for dinner with Julie and Andi, which has been a long time in coming. Such fun to see them again after such a long drought!!!