Photo: Sean at James Blunt concert

Another busy day, but fun.

Sean’s first date ever!!!

We took Sean to visit a little girl he is besotted over, we are calling it his first date. Danielle is gorgeous and he follows her around like a puppy dog. It is very cute to watch. He bought her a beaded bangle – his first bought piece of jewelry for a girl….lol….he is learning young!!!! Very clever and I think she felt very special….. it is so sad that we are leaving but I am sure there are going to be many Danielles……. my heart was so proud of him that it felt like it was about to explode…my gorgeous little boy!

We watched the Sharks lose against the Waratahs (or however you spell it), Dammit!!! The ref was definitely biased!!!

Then we took Sean to his first concert, James Blunt. The story is that when he was 5 turning 6 in Grade 0, he went to a birthday party where they had Karaoke and he got up on stage and sang “You’re Beautiful” from beginning to end, everyone was very impressed and he has the most amazing voice. So we promised that we would take him to see James Blunt if he ever came. And he did. It was an amazing show and all Sean wanted was for “You’re Beautiful” to play and then he was happy and ready to go home. It was very enjoyable and he is a very personable performer. At one stage he jumped off the stage and ran into the crowd, he ran right passed us and Sean was about 1 m away from him. What a special moment, he was exhausted by the time we came home!!!!