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We are getting back into the swing of things…. kids are getting up and dressing with ease now. There is no begging and pleading in the morning (at the moment) to hurry up or get dressed or eat your breakfast…. I hope it lasts. We have managed to leave early enough both mornings to miss the traffic. It can take either 30 minutes to get Sean to his school or on a bad day 45 minutes, which invariably means we are late. Jess is pretty easy as her school is about 10 minutes away, but to get to Sean’s school takes us across 2 of the major roads in Joburg, which can be pretty hectic in rush hour!
Sean has now been off his ritalin for 2 weeks. The work at school seems to be fine and I sit here wondering whether the ritalin was doing anything. Although when he started on it last year we could both immediately see a difference, from not being able to write or read he could. Now being off the stuff, he seems to be breezing through his homework and reading, and just generally happy to get his work done and out of the way. He does have an incentive though – he is allowed to watch 30 minutes of tv every afternoon and he can choose the programme (usually Ben Ten).
Jess on the other hand (even with ear infection at the moment) is a breeze, she comes home from gymnastics today and even though she does not get any formal homework wants to sit with me to do whatever homework she can find to do. We now have her writing her alphabet and being left handed that is no mean feat for either of them.
I have been feeling so sick today, I went to gym and just as I was finishing my session I felt like I was going to be sick. I got myself home and after a warm shower climbed into bed and promptly slept until about 2pm…. something my body only does if it is not coping at all. I still have an enormous headache which I am hoping will be gone by the morning.
Anyway pips, have a fabulous evening