Photo: Last day of holidays – camping

I have been in one of those moods lately where you feel you need to write about how you are feeling about life in general and about where yours might be heading.

I am feeling like this as we are at a crossroads in our lives, Steven is going for an interview in Qatar this weekend and I am overwhelmingly excited about the prospect of having an adventure in a new country. Learning about a culture that I know very little about other than news articles on Iraq and Iran which are not particularly pretty, then there are the news items on Dubai and how this area has grown. Qatar is similar in growth and development as Dubai.
This growth is so exciting and to be part of it is quite overwhelming.

The interesting part for us is going to be the no alcohol policy, where you can only buy it if you have a permit and then you buy what you want and you have to go straight home. If you are stopped anywhere along the route and you have diverged from your destination you are fined. If a woman leaves the compound you have to wear clothes that cover your knees and your shoulders (which I don’t have a problem with, always good news to cover those “getting old and saggy bits”).

But there are not only rules like that there are many positives that we are excited about. A desert to explore, with apparently some interesting bits for a bit of adventure. Camels to ride and sand dunes to ski. A beautiful sea to explore too, with water skiing as part of the sports that can be done (yay). There is a cycling track with special cooling, running tracks and sport complexes. 5 Star hotels with all amenties from hair and beauty salons to brilliant restaurants.

Doha, the capital city, is a 1st world city with all and everything a person could want.
The kids would go to an international school with a British curriculum, with all necessary extra-mural and sporting facilities required.
So folks, this is our crossroads…… watch this space