Photo: Almost hairless!

Had a wonderful start to my day, woke up at 9am, after vowing to get to yoga at 8am! Just did not happen! We then had breakfast, cleaned the house and got to gym at about 11am… did our bit for our bodies – loads of aches and pains from skiing!!
had a wonderful lunch at Fruits and Roots which is an organic, vegetarian restaurant. I can highly recommend it!!
Sean and Jess were great today, we have taken Sean off his medication and he is really battling with self control and maintaining a balance, so today was a start for us to get him into routine and learning self control without the medication…. he did really well!!
I can’t say that it is easy, we need to be incredibly patient with him and devote lots of time and energy to helping him realise his potential. We know he can do things, but he needs to learn that he is bright and able… being ADD he battles to see his own potential so it takes extra effort from us to prove to him how clever he is and extra effort from him to do the work… watch this space!
With all the gray hair looming I went on to cut my hair, colour it and get hopelessly drunk with my oldest sister…. two bottles, a pizza later and some good chatting it was time to go home and chill for the rest of the night!