Photos: Beautiful baby baboons, really cute; and at last the elusive lion was found about 1 km from our camp

We at last saw the elusive lion after searching for days, but we were so lucky to actually see him. We were told by some British tourists that they had spotted a lion up ahead, so off we go looking – eventually we saw tons of cars parked watching the elusive lion.

He just lay there for about 10 minutes and I figure he must have been thinking : “oh let’s give them something to look at”, and stood up and moved. The kids loved it and we were so happy that they had been given the opportunity to see all Big 5!
We also came across some French tourists who had come across eles in the road, some were on the right (the babies) and the mom was on the right. These poor guys reversed to our car to let us know that “it was very dangerous up ahead”. We waited for the cow to cross the road and the French guys still did not want to go, so I had to forge ahead to show them it was ok to cross the road where the eles were now on the right of the road and no cows on the left!!!
It was an exciting day….