2000 year old Baobab Tree

Our first sighting of the big 5
Day 3 – Phalaborwa Gate entrance

We reluctantly left Magoebaskloof and headed out towards the Kruger National Park via the Phalaborwa Gate. On the way we stopped to see the Baboab Tree (one of many in the area). It is 2000 years old (not one of the oldest ones) and enormous. The kids were at first a bit too scared to explore the inside but we coerced them to see where all the fairies and pixies lived. They loved it. We all climbed to the top of the tree and you only realise just how magnificent it is when you are standing at the top looking down at the world.

We then headed on to the Phalaborwa Gate and slowed down… the car, our minds, you could almost feel the world coming to a standstill.

Scanning everywhere for any sign of wildlife we ran into one of the big 5, a couple of km’s into the park. An old elephant ambled into the road and the kids were breath taken by this gigantic seemingly gentle creature. We however were not going to tempt fate and sat very quietly while he came towards us to figure out what we were and see if we were a threat to him. With our breaths held, hearts in our throats moment, he decided we were cool and once again ambled away.

It always amazes me how when you have no children, you are quite cool with a bit of danger. The moment the children are around I act like a momma elephant with her young, anything dangerous and my hair stands on end. Don’t mess with a mom and her young, ever so prominently visible in the Park.