Super Sundays….. at last a rest from the week. We had a fabulous day of just watching TV, reading newspapers, doing the monthly shopping and playing games…. oh and a bit of fixing up.

It was chilly though, we have not had a great heated hot summer this year, so it was a perfect day for staying inside and watching DVDs…. the kids loved it! We also watched The Secret which was motivating, Sean has been desparate to get his Ben Ten watch that Shirls brought over from the UK for him…. it is actually a special device that Ben Ten wears on his arm to transform things – if you watch it you would know – his motivation for the watch is to get 18 or more out of 20 for his spelling and 8 or more out of 10 for his maths and a good report back from his teachers…. so he is positively visualising the whole event of receiving his watch!!! Watch this Space…..

It is also motivating for us with the business, so go The Secret go….