Just a reminder that we live in Johannesburg!

Had a fabulous sleep in this morning, I got up at 8:30, Steve at 9:30 – bugger the run! There is always tomorrow!

The sun has come out and it is warm again, let’s hope it lasts.

Had a fabulous Brunch with Aline and the kids, bought some plants and got the garden sorted out for the weekend. Jess went to physio again and she is much better! Spent the afternoon with Julie, Taryn and Jason, we haven’t seen the kids since December and Julie and Andi since February, so it was great just to chat and catch up. The kids are getting so big, Taryn is already half way up my head and a size shoe bigger than me already and Jason is a step and jump away from being under my chin! Stop growing up so quickly!!!

Jess already had to have her ingrown toe sorted out, she was so brave, but would not have the local aneasthetic done (injections are not her thing), so we had to go with clipping and pruning it – with me telling her the bad soldiers were being killed by the good soldiers and the big little piggy wanted to get better to go back to the market too with all the other little piggies… what we have to come up with as parents!