Talk about fighting – Sean wouldn’t let Jess into the bath because he wanted to bath alone, she got upset (check the face out), then eventually I convinced him it would be more fun and they spent the rest of the bath seeing who could hold their breath the longest underwater!
Steve is in Cape Town marketing Xpatulator at the oil Expo, so it is me on my lonesome with the kids. The electricity went off at about 6pm, just as we finished with dinner, so it was a rather quiet evening with no technology – hence the lateness of this blog.

Jess has got Bronchitis, so I have decided to go the complete natural route and do homeopathic medicine and phsyiotherapy. As we are changing all our aspects of health, we need to change charging towards anti-biotics straight away to clear any illnesses. Let’s see how it goes.

Today’s yoga was focused on the 7th Chakra and was an interesting introspective session. We did shoulder stands, headstands and meditation, so very quieting.