Tripping (literally) to Newcastle was a rather thrilling view of how wonderfully the roads in South Africa are deteriorating at a rapid rate, each time we travel we have to take the car in to be realigned at a wonderful cost of R450 per shot…..add the amount of times we go away on a monthly basis and it comes to 3 times that every month!!! love this government…don’t you!

So seeing Gran was heartening, she is still so strong and as much as she cannot remember a lot, she does know who you are and is still vivid enough to know what is going on. My Gran is great!

Heather and Ati were wonderful hosts and made us so welcome and spoilt us rotten! Thanks so much it was a wonderful weekend!

Jess had a party with the dogs, although scared to death in the beginning, she slowly warmed up to them as the weekend wore on.