Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. We spent such a wonderful couple of days at Sondela in the Waterberg area. I would recommend it to anyone. You feel so removed from the reality of day to day living, you can go horse riding (which we all did, coming back with sore bums!), off road cycling in amongst the game (no carnivores out there!), walking, and just letting the kids run amok without being too concerned that they would get in harms way.
The safest we have felt in months, no alarm systems, no electic fencing, no beam alarms or cameras….. but cycling with a giraffe or wildebees facing you in the road felt safer.

It is with sadness that I right this, because half the people we went with are all considering leaving beautiful SA, this includes us. As much as we felt so wonderfully safe (believe it or not amongst wild animals), we don’t feel safe living and playing in our own backyards, with criminals jumping over the fences, holding people up, shooting, raping and killing whoever they feel gets in the way….. how sad is it that such a beautiful place can be filled with so much hate and atrocity.
But I think you get to a stage in your life that ensuring that your children are safe and that you survive to see them grow up becomes more important than the sun, beauty and high standard of living that we have here!