I love going to gym every morning, it gives my day such a brilliant start and I feel like I have done something for me. I almost feel cheated if I don’t get to go….is that selfish! Initially I thought so, but you know what, the rest of the day I spend running after everyone else, so maybe not….
Well today we went to see Sean’s teacher, as in Grade 2 he is taking 2 1/2 hours to do his homework which just finishes me off for the day. he should essentially be spending 1/2 hour a day on homework. He however tends to day dream or procrastinate or find something else interesting to do or talk about. Anyway she has given us a couple of extra incentives to work with so let’s hold thumbs that it works. It is really hard to cope, discipline and work with an ADD child and unless you understand what ADD is and how it affects a child, you cannot even begin to imagine what it is like to get through a day with a child with it. And to all those who don’t believe that ADD exists, don’t comment or judge until you have been in the situation because believe me we have tried everything to ensure that he stays off ritalin, and after subjecting ourselves to numerous days of fighting and tears, he is now on it and what a difference it has made in his life. He feels like a normal boy who can concentrate during school and participate in everything that all the other boys do. He is a different child, but he still needs to brought back from his planet every now and then to do his extra work. It is so hard to watch him battling with his little demons and trying so hard to please everyone around him. Kids should be kids but there is so much pressure on them today…..anyway that is enough about that!!
My parents flew in today to visit with my sister, 2nd eldest – Shirley, who is flying in from Ireland this evening – my picture is going to be her coming through customs!!
I am very excited as we have planned a 50 year anniversary party for my folks – their golden wedding anniversary……