First swimming session at school today and Jess and I watched at least 50 little boys swimming across the pool! Quite daunting, but fun…
A very hard day of homework and begging for homework to be done. Sean probably took about 2 1/2 hours to finish off his 1 page of spelling, 1 reader of about 6 pages and 2 lines per page, his bonds of 11 and a maths problem. This should normally take 1/2 hour, I really felt like running back to the corporate world today.
My Dad said to me during the holidays: “You and Steven must have been really bad in your previous life to get 2 such difficult children…” and sometimes I wish that they were easier or that at least one of them had been easy. Jessica with her PRS (Cleft pallate) and Sean with his ADD has been bloody hard to deal with. Once Jess got to a stage where life was easier with her, Sean seemed to take off and fly on the difficult side. Don’t get me wrong, I love them both so much and the best thing in the world is to have them love and hug and kiss you. But it is the times where you are begging them to do their homework or just to listen to what you want them to do, that is so extremely emotionally, mentally and believe it or not physically draining.
I yearn for the days where I could just tell a staff member to do something and they went and did it……without having to beg. I also feel so bad as he is still so little and already the pressures are so great, I really just want him to be a little person and have fun. Any advice out there?