First day of cricket practice. This was very cute, we had a good couple of laughs as the boys figured out how to actually play the game.
Firstly the boys had to figure out how to bowl properly which invariably had the ball been thrown all over the field.
Secondly they had to learn how to bat, which had balls whizzing past them or landing at their feet, and they would be looking to see where it had gone (not at their feet of course, how did it land up there!)
Lastly, the wicket keeper thought it would be a good idea to move the wicket to wherever the ball was been thrown, which resulted in the ball hitting the wicket whenever it didn’t hit the bat and of course the batter would be out!!! Try sort out that fight and logic to 7 year olds.

Isn’t it great to watch kids play as well, just play a game together of imagination. They go from throwing imaginery blankets for themselves to fly on, to being Darth Vader or Luke Skywaker and the best is “You do this and I’ll do that, then we can do this and that and that” but they are always coming up with funny little anecdotes to how movies should end and almost direct the entire game they play together.
“So if you put your sword their, then because I am Luke Skywalker I will put my sword onto your tummy and you must die, because you are Darth Vader….”

Very interesting to watch!!! Is this how Directors are born!