What a year this is going to be, I have decided to blog this year with a chronology of photos, one for every day of the year.
So what is the story attached to the photo. Well on 30 December my husband, Steven, decided to go for a swim in the ocean at Jeffries Bay with his car keys. In doing so, the keys would not work. Being a merc, the only way to get a new set of keys would be to get another set imported in from Germany or fly home to Johannesburg to collect the spare set which was locked away.
On 31 December we realised that the keys would not work and set out to book ourselves a flight back to Joburg to collect the spare keys. What a comedy of errors, first we had to find a flight at a decent price and eventually managed to book through SAA Voyager (At least saving a bit of cost), then we had to find a lift to the airport in Port Elizabeth (no taxis available and my parents cars were blocked inside the garage by Steven’s car), eventually we figured a way of moving the car to get my Dad’s car out. So after getting tickets and a lift to the airport, we realised I did not have my ID book with me, but eventually managed to wangle my way on board with my credit cards, and gym membership ID to prove who I was. On landing in Joburg we realised that Steve had forgotten his Drivers license in Jeffries Bay and mine was locked in the cabinet at home!!! After trying desparately to get AVIS to help us (not), we got a car via Budget Rent a car who were very understanding considering the circumstances. When at last we got home, we found the house in disarray, with hungry cats, overgrown garden and an absent house sitter. What an end to 2007, we cleaned up the house, pampered the cats and went to find a meal at 10pm!! When at last we found a willing restaurant, we were absolutely exhausted! We saw the New Year in by standing on our balcony and watching the fireworks going off all over Johannesburg…it was astoundingly beautiful and a fitting end to the day.
We woke up on 1 January to rush back to the airport, board the plane and make our way back to Jeffries Bay and the family. A rather expensive New Year, but funny anyway…. no more swimming in the sea with keys! We expect 2008 to be a much calmer year….time will tell!